Mothers of the disappeared

Today, 40 years ago, 14 women that have lost their songs,daughters ,(and then even their grandchildren) during the first years of the dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, walked for the first time around the ‘Plaza de Mayo’ (Buenos Aires, Argentina) wearing a white kerchief on their heads. It was the first of many many times […]

Anuncio publicitario

More than ‘Revolver’

To celebrate Klaus Voormann’s birthday I decide to share a couple of songs from his maybe less known period (you know Voormann is famous mostly for his relationship with The Beatles: very early Beatles, famous Beatles, and finally with some of The Beatles during their solitary careers). Here are a couple of songs by Manfred Mann (he played […]

The spy that loved the caveman

Today in 1981, Ringo Starr married actress Barbara Bach, who was one time a ‘Bond Girl’ in the film ‘The spy who loved me’ (1977). Ringo and Barbara met while filming ‘The Caveman’. In attendance at The wedding were Paul McCartney and George Harrison.  I have selected this scene from the film that catalyze love […]

Spanish bombs

80 years from bombing of Guernica (26 April 1937) during the Spanish Civil War. War is full of barbaric actions and atrocities. Even that, Guernica bombing was particularly brutal, since it led to the death of many innocent people, and because the small town was not defended by any aircraft and did not have any […]

A German in Mallorca

Today in 1944 Mike Kennedy (Michael Kogel) was born in Germany. He was the singer of ‘Los Bravos’: first Spanish rock band to have a UK and US hit single (‘Black is Black’, 1966, UK no.2 and US no.4). A complete biography about this artist and band can be found everywhere, in Spanish or English. I have selected […]

Good morning

I need a song full of energy to start the day and the week, in fact I have started the day 3 hours ago…, so I need a song like a dark cup of coffee. I have selected a song from my favourite album by Sebadoh. Have a nice day and week! Enjoy!!

One Love Peace Concert

Today in 1978 Bob Marley came back to his hometown to perform at the ‘One Love Peace Concert’ (it was his first public appearance in Jamaica since being wounded in an assassination attemp a year and a half earlier). The concert coincided with the release of his new album at that moment (Kaya, 1978). At the end […]

Three imaginary boys…

We are talking about three imaginary boys and about an imaginary girl today: James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) was born today in 1947; today in 1959 was also born Robert Smith (The Cure); and today in 2003 and 2016 were died Nina Simone and Prince respectively.  Enjoy!!