Stage invasion

Enjoy!! I am completing this post a day after sharing yesterday’s song. The main reason to share this song was that a few years ago on 11th March, Jarvis Cocker was released without charge by the police after his invasion of the stage while Michael Jackson was performing during the awards ceremony. You can read […]


A few days ago we were commemorating Johny Cash birthday; I asked the bigger Cash fan that I know to write a few lines about this milestone, however it took some time to write them, and then, a few more time to include them in a new post. Anyway, it’s always a good time to share […]

Girls just want to have fun!

As mostly everybody must knows, today is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, but since there are still many things to improve, the day is also a call to action for accelerating gender parity. It has been observed since the very beginning of 20th century, recognizing the efforts of […]

Alone again or

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to share a song by one of the first racially diverse American bands: Love. Their music moves from one style to another including psychodelia, folk, blues, flamenco, jazz, hard roxk, etc. They only found modest success in the music charts, but their third album (Forever changes, 1967) is often […]

The prettiest Star

Today in 1970 it was released this single by David Bowie as a follow-up single to ‘Space Oddity’. The track featured Marc Bolan on guitar. David Bowie and Marc Bolan spent the next few years as rivals to be the king of glam rock. The single received good reviews, however it was only sold about […]

Once again Leonardo

I think that L.Cohen will be always essential: their songs or the millions of covers of them. His influence has travelled generation after generation. Enjoy! P.S: i will try to have a look to the record where today’s song was included in 2012. I am sure it will deserve a whole new chapter.


These days it has been released ‘T2’; not the second part of Terminator, not the works of the airport terminal number 2; It has been released ‘T2: trainspotting’. I have been heard good opinions about this second part twenty years later from the one released during the 90s. Anyway, the message that still remains is: […]


Today in 1966, legend says, that Stephen Stills and Richard Furay met Neil Young during a traffic jam in LA, and formed Buffalo Springfield. The group combined rock, folk, and country music into a sound all its own. They were so influential as the Byrds in the electrification of folk movement born in California by […]

The wild side

Today, Lou Reed would have turned 75. Now, I should decide to play a song from his Velvet Underground period, or from his solo season. Or may be I shouldn’t. Enjoy both songs!