Living abroad, or at least far away from each one’s hometown, has its advantages, and disadvantages. Normally, a person decides to move to another place due to its advantages, or because of the advantages he/she is hoping to find (better living conditions, job opportunities, real love, adventures, a place to live calmly and without stress, … among many other reasons). But of course it also comes with many drawbacks: the distance to family and friends is the main one; maybe a feeling of not belonging to your new destiny or city that should welcome you…

But there are other issues that you only discover when you are able to come back to your hometown for several days: basically the city in which you grew up is not the same; has changed; little changes, however that make that city lose its essence and nature.

As everybody should know at this point, I was born in a beautiful city from south Spain, however I have spent many many years far away, sometimes not so far away, but at least out of my hometown. This issue, has make me to identify several references to recognize my town; references joined to my childhood, adolescence and early youth. However, as time goes by these references disappear. The last of these references that has disappeared is a bar (Ruido Rosa), well-known among the many many bands that have emerged from that city; an indispensable place to undestand the contemporary life and culture of my hometown. Joined to the closing of «Peaton» (another great bar) a few months ago, has left me «orphaned» in a certain way.

Here is a great song by one these bands emerged from my hometown (that include among others a musician of which we have already spoken here), in protest of the closure of Ruido Rosa, that means a further attack on the culture of that small town, and the lost of a reference for many already known bands, and many many many granadinos scattered throughout the world.

Enjoy! Please click here to listen to the song


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