Funeral pyre

Today in 1967, J. Hendrix set fire for the first time to his guitar live on stage. He was appearing at the Astoria (London, UK). The Fender Stratocaster burned on stage by Hendrix was sold for more than 325000€ (about 350.000$) in 2008 at a London auction of rock memorabilia. Here is a video of […]

Anuncio publicitario


Living abroad, or at least far away from each one’s hometown, has its advantages, and disadvantages. Normally, a person decides to move to another place due to its advantages, or because of the advantages he/she is hoping to find (better living conditions, job opportunities, real love, adventures, a place to live calmly and without stress, […]

Two issues better than one

Two issues to be included in the list of the day’s anniversaries, and two songs to celebrate them: First, today in 1967 it was recorded in NY ‘Brown eyed girl’, one of the most famous songs by Van Morrison and his first hit after the breakup of his former band ‘Them’. This song remained as […]

Assorted love songs

Today in 1979, Eric Clapton got married with Pattie Boyd (or Pattie Harrison, ex wife of George) at Temple Bethel, Tucson, Arizona. Pattie applied for a divorce in 1988. Though there are several hits that Pattie inspired, we have selected one composed by Clapton when she was still married with Harrison, because he was in love […]

music apartheid

Since Stevie Wonder dedicated the Oscar he had won (I just called to say I love you; Best original song: ‘The woman in red’) the night before at the Academy Awards to Nelson Mandela, on March 26 1985 all the radio stations in South Africa banned all records by S.Wonder.  Our world and history are […]

Music against war(s)

On March 25 2003, REM made available as free download (as other artists have also made during the previous days/weeks with their own songs: Zack de la Rocha, or L. Kravitz with iraqui, palestianian and lebanese musicians) the following song written as a protest of the American government’s actions in the Iraq War. It is […]

Chuck by friends (IV)

Of course we can not forget Chuck Berry’s songs covered by The Rolling Stones; I have counted 13 versions included on regular albums in this list. We have selected a couple of them. in the opinion of a non-RollingStones expert (me), they are the most famous ones. Enjoy! I could not resist including this video […]

Chuck by friends (III)

Today, a bunch of covers of the same Berry’s song: Johny B Good;  demonstrating how the fundamentals of Chuck’s style continue to influence musicians generation after generation, decade after decade. Enjoy!

Chuck by friends (II)

We are sharing these days Chuck Berry’s songs covered by other artists.  Since today in 1963 the first record by The Beatles (Please, please me) was released in the UK [other famous records were also released on March 22; e.g.: ‘Bringing it all back home’ (1965),  fith record by Bob Dylan], and it is well […]