Real-estate «pasodoble»

Great song by Solea Morente describing the Spanish real-estate situation. I think that nothing extra should be added. The song describes perfectly in an ironic way the shocking and pitful situation of many many people.   May be a good translation of lyrics would be welcome to make the song universally accesible 😉 Enjoy!  

gran guiñol

I should probably dedicate a few posts to 90’s bands from Gijón (Asturias). Let’s start by this one:Penelope Trip. Please find today’s song at 9:22. Enjoy! Mooovie record…. Ttttttttttttt!


In 1992, while most people (at least in Spain) were looking at the Olympics games in Barcelona and/or the Expo in Sevilla, Nirvana (you know that group from Seatle that became moderately famous) released a record «plenty of B-sides». From this collection, may be this is my favourite one. Enjoy! Note: I have found some […]


In memorian of the universal Canadian and probably a bit «Granadian» who has left us. The small part of his universe that I have been able to know is simply great. Luckily, as he pointed out some time ago, simply «Im ready» (even greater if it is possible). Here is a fantastic cover, why not?

Another step for the peace

Nowadays, that the peace is really needed in many places, thanks to @carmouna, a peace treaty has been signed finishing a war between two regions from south Spain that has started about 200 years ago.  The representatives from these two regions have been two distinguished musicians (@elbardeeric from @LosPlanetasGr and Paco Luis(@guadalupeplata)). This staging should […]