Raphael! But which one?

Today it is an honour for me to receive the first contribution of the first collaborator we get for this blog (I hope we will be able to post more contributions by this collaborator and many others). He would like to be known as ‘Raphael’s fan’. 

I remember he and I asking for a song by today’s starring artist at the indie and underground pubs and bars from our hometown 8 or 10 years ago. The DJs from those pubs stared at us, and answered: ‘no, we don’t have any song by this singer’. Probably they laughed at us too. Nowadays, I am sure they have some records by today’s artist in their collection.

Here it is his contribution and music selection for today’s post. Enjoy!

Raphael (not to be confused with RaphaelRaphael or Raphael) is back. He never got lost, anyway, but he is back (again). I am not very concerned about his new release, you know I always thought that his best songs are from the late 60s and all the epic classic hymns. Some years ago, my mother, her friends and me went to a Raphael’s concert –the average age of the public was killed by me-. We seated in the front lines, and was totally terrific! I remember that in one of the last songs, a big-sized mirror appeared in stage, and, at the end of the performance, he smashed it with an enormeus hammer. The audicence roared and trembled, and of course, me too.  Great night for me. From that time, I am a total fan of Raphael the singer (I like the other ones as well).

‘El golfo’ (1968), included in the soundtrack of the homonymous film with the same name, is one of my favorite songs from him. You can notice a certain similar taste in the later “Mediterraneo” (1971) from Juan Manuel Serrat. I truly guess that ‘El golfo’ was in Serrat mind…


Thank you ‘Raphael’s fan’ for this great contribution!!!

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