an explosion…

… of blues of course! Enjoy! And some more! With a guest artist, or maybe an odd visitor. You decide! Enjoy! Yes it is: Beck is singing on the rap part at the end of the song, recorded over the phone! I can’t believe that this record is about 20 years old. It’s amazing from […]

Anuncio publicitario

my sweet lord

Today, fifteen years ago George Harrison died of lung cancer. He was 58. Today, many guitars again «gently weep». Here is a song to remember this great artist who grew up in the shade of Lennon&McCartney, not easy at all. We miss you George!


On 26 November 1968 at the Royal Albert Hall the superband called Cream celebrated their farewell concert. The two Royal Albert Hall concerts were filmed for a BBC documentary and released on video (and later DVD) as Farewell concert. Cream  final album, appropriately titled Goodbye, was recorded in late 1968 and released in early 1969 after […]

Raphael! But which one?

Today it is an honour for me to receive the first contribution of the first collaborator we get for this blog (I hope we will be able to post more contributions by this collaborator and many others). He would like to be known as ‘Raphael’s fan’.  I remember he and I asking for a song […]

Vayase usted a la mierda!

A colleague (let call him Professor Bacterio) has proposed today that I should post a song that is essential for some moments: those moments when you would like to explode the head of the one you have in front of you because he/she is making everything in your life or work to be hard or […]