On 20 October 1854 Arthur Rimbaud was born. This french poet is known for his influence in modern literature and arts. Here is a song by The Doors that is a veiled reference to one of Jim Morrison’s most deepest influences. Enjoy!


One of my favourite radio programmes is requesting proposals for great musical movie scenes always. I have a big list of proposals. The one that I would like to share is starred by an actor that has showed great musical interpretations many times. I am talking about Ewan McGregor singing with Cameron Diaz in a […]

The man known as the father of rock and roll

“If you had to give rock & roll another name,” John Lennon once said, “you might call it ‘Chuck Berry”. Jerry Lee Lewis’ mom said, ‘You (referring to her son) and Elvis are pretty good, but you’re not Chuck Berry.’” Today this man is 90!! Happy birthday! To celebrate, we bring you this powerful 1955 […]

New (and young) experts

Today we are going to start a new section to include the songs that the youngest musical experts at home select and prefer. These experts are my two daughters (2 and 5 years old).  Here is the first one. Enjoy!

surprise winner

According to the Swedish Academy, Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize «for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition». This decision has opinions for and against. In any case, it gives us an excuse to share a couple of songs (probably not the most famous). Enjoy!