Nice oldie song to start the weekend. This is the original version, but you can find some other covers here. Enjoy!! By the way, this song belongs to the great selection that the youngest musical experts at home are making step by step! Nice job isn’t it??

Anuncio publicitario

many ephemeris

In 1966, 28 October, two essential records were released: «Fresh Cream» (first record of the supergroup composed of Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce) and «Face to face» by the Kinks. This record, regarded by critics as rock’s first concept album, catapulted them to international acclaim. In the other, in 1982 The Jam announced […]

A nice gift

Three years ago Lou Reed was dead. This is the excuse to share one of the «gifts» he made ( with and without The Velvet Underground) to the world.  Enjoy! P.S.: I tried to share «the gift» but I have not found any video with enough quality. So here is another song:

the picnic massacre day

Once again I am acting as an archeologist blowing the dust off an old 45rpm record by a band from my home town: The Dayfriends. I remember seeing this group in my early youth playing a concert tribute to Blur, where a guest singer (that is quite more known nowadays) sang «Parklife». Enjoy!


Joining our last post and the soap opera where one of the main spanish political party is absorbed, turns out this song that was censored at some point during the 80s. Enjoy!

Brassens and Krahe

Today George Brassens (french singer-songwriter and poet whose texts are black humour-tinged and often anarchist-minded) would have turned 95 years old.  Many songs by Brassens have been popularised in Spain by Javier Krahe. Enjoy!