two sides of the same coin

I heard a few days ago the second song that we are going to share today, and it reminded me the next song, since the former it is a cover from the first song we play today. So here it is a song by the Yardbirds (great band where some great artists such as Eric […]

invisible things

​Nice cover of a classic song from the 70s. Too many abominable things are repeated time after time without causing any reaction in each of us, just because we are used to this kind of stuff. Amazing way of our brain to protect ourselves, but that make us kind of insensitive.

Give a Little Whistle

We have had here some other experts in whistle but today we share a famous song that make me start the day with positive energy. Enjoy!   Here is a cover of the same song in a completely different style. I heard Dawn Landes for the first time in a concert where she was the supporting […]

Anuncio publicitario

good morning planet

Good morning planet, I was looking for a song to start the day and to change the habit that I was acquiring of sharing musics by the end of the day, and I have found that song at @HETradio3 captained by @carmouna! Here it is! It comes from a few years ago, but it fits […]