Please stand with us

Yesterday I was really impressed with the news (see 12, 3 or elsewhere). It is not the first time I am overwhelmed with a story on the same subject in recent times, but I guess yesterday was the straw that broke the camel, and that led me to write these lines. Moreover, today is the World Refugee Day. In a world where violence compels hundreds of families to flee their homes, and also equally exposed to inhumane and dangerous situations; in a world where the main reason for this violence is an issue/problem/discussion about “flags”, borders, beliefs or ideas, showing the senselessness of nationalisms and other extremisms; in a world where we all are “cousins” in a broad sense; etc., etc.; this kind of news can not be repeated; Please remember that we all are citizen from the same world, and that at some moment we all have been foreigners!

Here is my proposal for today, it could have been another, probably there will be more in the coming days. Enjoy!

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