Dylan, but where is Bob?

Today let´s start a section where I will share some Bob Dylan covers; I know there are thousands, but I will try to play only those that belong to my vinyl records collection (or sometimes, I am afraid, I will only have CD version). If possible I would try to share a photo of the disc too.

In this way, with this section, I am giving more reasons to those that label me as a “archeologist”; I wouldn´t say that, I´d prefer other terms, since this a site to share, but not to get updated about music releases. Anyway I am happy with all the “critiques” and reviews; it means that somehow this site has some impact.

Here is the first cover sung by Van Morrison: It´s all over now baby blue, (Them, 1966). Enjoy!

Other covers of the same song by The Byrds, 13th Floor Elevator, The Animals, Joan Baez, Hole, Grateful Dead, etc., etc., etc.


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