Hello, Goodbye

I’ve heard that are emerging doubts about the outcome of Brexit , and even they are collecting signatures to repeat the referendum; «Leave» supporters , now prefer to «Remain», etc. ; in this context I should change the song dedicated to this matter whose intention was to reconcile, and select a more disruptive song that […]

Anuncio publicitario

Don’t pass me by

May be these lines arrive late; yesterday I went to sleep thinking that British people prefer to stay in the European Union (only by slight difference: 52 vs 48%) ; however this morning the recount shows a U turn (48 vs 52 %) indicating a probable exit of the UK from the UE, and I […]

Cleaning the basement…

Look what I found cleaning the basement! And a great and informative text about it!  (I have added some links) «This buzzy cover of Psychotic Reaction came out in 1966 under the name Positively Thirteen O’Clock,. This single was recorded at Robin Hood Brians studio in Tyler, Texas in 1966 with Jimmy Rabbitt and members […]

Dark side of the moon

Sorry for the delay! A song and its lyrics. Think about it! Enjoy!   PUBLIC IMAGE Hello, hello, hello (ha, ha, ha) You never listen to a word that I said You only seen me For the clothes that I wear Or did the interest go so much deeper It must have been The colour […]