Hey ho let´s go!

Hello, my name is… (argghh, too many times introducing myself like this). Let´s say I am DJ JD (since with this “nice” palindrome I was baptized when I was supposed to play music a Wednesday evening from my old collection of vinyl records in the pub where I used to “work” during my college days; then it turned out that the pub music equipment was not as prepared as it was supposed to play music from vinyl records, but this is another story).

I have grown musically with almost no vertical (genetic) transfer; in a time with no access to internet, streaming software and/or sites, etc., and when all the music that I discovered came through some cassettes that my contemporary cousins and friends shared with me (horizontal transfer), or after several hours with my hands full of dust, inspecting huge boxes of LP´s and singles in less than half a dozen interesting music shops (one a thrift store) in my hometown during the early 90´s. The best information I got came from the shopkeepers, or from some volumes of fanzines like “Pussycat” (edited by some members of Los Flechazos). Now things have changed and music is everywhere, and the access to full information about groups (famous or not, conventional or odd) and their creations is at one click (probably, more information that the one we are able to manage, but this should be the subject of another story). This info-toxification has led me to not spend the scarce twenty minutes per day available for music to browse through music releases, etc., so this site won´t be a place to get updated about current music charts; it won´t be either a music encyclopedia or Wikipedia. It will be a site to share.

From this point onwards, I would try to share a song every day, convinced that would have an impact, positive as possible (since I believe that music soothes the pains), or at least a potential to evoke memories, thoughts, feelings, etc. specific for each human being. Sometimes each song has a reason to be selected that day, sometimes not. Sometimes there would be topic joining several days, or maybe not. We are going to discover it as we advanced day by day, or as the poet said: “caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar”.

Getting Started on a memorable day (11th May): birthday of Eric Burdon , anniversary of the death of Bob Marley , and on a day like today 100 years ago, Albert Einstein presents his Theory of General Relativity

So let´s start with a song that is leading the positive spirit that I would like to transmit. A song play by The Shadows of knight, with previous versions of other groups like The Monkees, but of course I prefer the former since it has been played 1000s of times from a cassette with other nice songs from the sixties. Enjoy!


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6 comentarios sobre “Hey ho let´s go!

  1. OMG, a bilingual blog by djjd, we will have to keep an eye on this. You never know when music can be needed.

    My father always played shadows music in the car, and the cassette begun with apache. Alphabetical order? Maybe…


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